The Site & History

The proposed development site incorporates the former Ha-Ha Bar and 30 bedroom Slatters Hotel, which ceased trading approximately 10 years ago.

To the rear of the building is the car-park for the former hotel, along with service yard access for other neighbouring retail and office tenants.

The existing main frontage building to St Margarets Street is a 1960’s flat roof three-storey block, with the upper two floors set back away from the street frontage. To the rear of this main block is a smaller flat roofed two-storey extension, together with a series of flat roofed single-storey buildings.

The previous hotel also occupied the adjacent listed buildings at upper-floor level, a three-storey Georgian building that was substantially rebuilt, and a Victorian three-storey building which was a rear extension of an earlier timber-framed building fronting St Margarets Street.

On its north-eastern and south-eastern sides the site is flanked by a large retail development constructed in the 1980’s, incorporating the Marlowe Arcade and a number of retail occupiers.

Enclosed within the 1980’s development and to the rear of the site, is the main service yard for the Marlowe Arcade retail tenants, together with access for Watling House, a 1970’s office block which fronts neighbouring Watling Street.

The site has been unused since 2004 and following the erection of structural steel framework to its front elevation along St Margarets Street. This was put in place to stabilise the existing listed buildings which were determined to be unsafe after unauthorised work was previously carried out.

Permissions for various extensions to the previous Slatters hotel were granted in the 1970’s, along with a later consent in 1990 and 1993 for the construction of a three-storey extension to the rear.

In 2000 permission was also granted for the addition of a third-floor to the main block, in the form of a mansard roof, some alterations to the front elevation and a second-floor extension at the rear.

Later in 2001 planning permission was granted for a five-storey rear extension to form a larger 101 bedroom hotel and separate ground-floor café/restaurant unit.

Planning permission was also granted in 2003 for a 101 bedroom hotel development on this site, incorporating a large five-storey extension at the rear.

Most recently in 2006, planning permission was granted for the development of the existing premises to provide restaurant/bar/café use on the ground-floor, 65 bed hotel on the first and second-floors, and 21 residential apartments on the third and fourth-floors.

Importantly, the scale and building heights of our own development are not proposed to be any greater than the precedent already dictated by the previous consents granted on the site.